Longstay travel

To leave home for a few months is a big step, we know that. Therefore, it is important that you feel comfortable in the ”new country”. We have local Swedish travel management in place that can assist you with everything you wonder about.


We organize excursions, a tour of the village, provide you with tips and ideas about cooking, and several activities like hiking, biking, golf courses, art and culture.

Local Contacts

We have local contacts with doctors, dentists and other authorities if needed, there is also a Swedish Consulate on the Algarve coast.


There are many other nationalities who also choose to stay in a pleasant climate with plenty of sunshine and light that we miss so much during the winter. There are also some local Scandinavian networks that we can connect you too.


We can offer stays of at least 30 days up to 5 months. The preliminary area we offer long stay is in Albufeira region.