Group travel

Group travel can be organized by companies, associations or individuals. Gather a group of at least 10 people, there are for sure many reasons to organize:

Conference, golf, training , hiking, yoga, wedding, biking, rewards(Incentive), birdwatching, wine tasting, diving, surfing the waves, just enjoying and relaxing, spa treatement,  relocation, gourmet. If you want help to get inspired, we recommend you without hesitation Algarve. Some inspirational images can be found below.


As a golf enthusiast, you feel immediately at home in the Algarve, there are at least 40 courses, many of them in a stunning natural setting. Or why not a kayak excursion or sail on the Atlantic, really challenging mountain biking or adventure hikes?
Animal Friends will appreciate the wide variety of riding, or if you’re a daredevil, you might enjoy a trip on a quad bike or buggy. There is enough to do or see. Welcome to experience.

Food & Wine

If you like good food, the Algarve coastline may surprise you. You think about healthy cooking and use as many natural and local products as possible. In addition to the famous grilled sardines, you should try Amêijoas na Cataplana which is a steamed seafood stew consisting of seafood, ham, tomato, lemon, pepper, coriander and olive oil. Of course, the meat is also well represented in the Portuguese cuisine, as well as sweet desserts including Morgato the Figo, which is outstanding fig cake.
There are four wine regions in the Algarve of which Lagoa is perhaps the most well-known, the other regions are Lagos, Portimão and Tavira. The red wines have a nice fruity flavor, and the white wines are quite dry. A few years ago, it disappeared many winemakers but thanks to semi-private initiative, many have come back into production.


Algarve offers a variety of accommodations, per your wishes and needs. Hotels, hostels, guesthouses, apartments, hotels, rural boutique hotel, houses and villas, all with different price levels and availability. Tell us what you want and we are happy to recommend something suitable.


Algarve’s infrastructure is very well developed and planned. You can easily get there by plane and continue by bus or car. There are many car rentals available from international and local car rental companies, if you only need transportation to your accommodation, we can organize a shuttle. Another transportation option can be local bus or train, unless you want to drive yourself, you can always take a taxi.
For those of you who want to fly to Lisbon, there is a train station 10 minutes from the airport which can be reached by taxi or subway. The trip takes only 2.5 hours.